ALIENWARE HIVEMIND INTERFACE MOD V 1.3 (UPDATED AUGUST 9TH 2015) If you love simplicity, keep reading, this mod made for you ! Adding suppoort for the new HiveMind update of August 5th and some small tweaks and improvements making the new version of my mods the best version yet.

Download the Alienware repository zip file here and keep accessible to your Kodi device, now select system. STEP 2. Drop down and select Add-ons. STEP 3. Now choose Install from zip file. STEP 4. Locate the Alienware zip file you saved. STEP 5. Now select the Alienware zip file, it will now install on your device. STEP 6. Tab down and choose Whatever the name you use; the Alienware Alpha is a great HTPC Gaming PC option, which blurs the line almost unrecognizably between gaming and media, by doing things such as using a Kodi-based interface on its console mode -Kodi Hivemind, which by the way, looks awesome-. Alienware Alpha primarily comes with WIndows 8.1 and not Steam OS. I am going to suggest, if its a Windows machine, you should be fine installing Kodi on it. If its Steam OS, I actually played around with it on my old Gateway Desktop and installed Linux port of Kodi on it and I did not have any issues. Then again I did not really test it with high bit rate files and what not. Alienware has worked with Kodi every step of the way in making Hivemind, has been very open about Hivemind's nature, and has actually followed the Kodi trademark license in the way Team Kodi explicitly prefers. A substantial number of team members have Alphas, and Alienware has even become a Kodi sponsor, if you check the Kodi home page. Most of the team really loves the fact that somebody took the base software and did something interesting and unique with it that wasn't piracy based. Alienware Alpha UI Hack to support Kodi has a menu option - joaoamaral/alienware

To get the HiveMind skin in Kodi on Desktop: Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\AlphaUI\kodi-resources; Copy the two folders inside there (Addons & Userdate) Paste those two folders inside C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Kodi; Overwrite the existing files; Once that is done, you have HiveMind in Desktop mode. To adjust the auto-login:

How to install Alpha addon on your kodi device. The Alpha is now part of the Phoenix Team and called Dr Stream to install their amazing addon click HERE. Our guide today How to install Alpha addon on KODI or SMPC device.. An excellent and complete addon with plenty of content: HD Movies, Boxsets, Kids & Animation, Live TV, Sports and Live Sports, Music, Wrestle, UFC, Boxing and more!!


A few notes before you download and install the new HiveMind beta:HiveMind is only supported on Alienware Alpha and Alienware Alpha R2. Alienware does not provide support for any other platform at this time. This is beta software and you should I got a Alienware Alpha for this Xmas. Alienware Alpha is tagged as a PC console… but I also wanted it for a media center and not only for steam games. This is a 5-10min hack so you can have access to Kodi (XBMC) from the Alienware Alpha UI. I decided to wrote this here (so I don’t forget in the future and at same time to share it with The newest HiveMind update is now out for the Alienware Alpha! HiveMind was built upon the open-source KODI media center software and allows you to launch games, programs, sites, custom themes,